We at Ashima Pictures are happy to announce the release of our anthem “Kahaniyaan” – which expresses our reason to be. This is our way of explaining who we are, what we do and why we do what we do. As a self-funded short-film production house, Ashima Pictures’ passion for storytelling originated in the art form of theatre. With the digital media becoming so ubiquitous, we have evolved and branched off into film making, but the passion stays unadulterated, undiluted. And this passion for storytelling is what our anthem ‘Kahaniyaan’ depicts.


We believe that we are after all, a collection of stories. In the way a seed sprouts there’s a story. In the way a child learns to walk on two feet, there’s a story. In the way a person grows old, in every history, in every family, in every friendship, in every marriage, there’s a story. And in every story, there’s something special for it takes us to a place we have never been, it makes us see things from perspectives we never have seen, and it makes us wiser in living life. By sharing a story, we share lives lived, roads walked on and challenges faced. Stories not only make the time we spend on this planet more meaningful, but also prepare us to better face up to similar situations in life. So, here’s to more enriching stories, because a story never ends…

So what are you waiting for? Hit play and sing along!