The short film is based on a story by Guy de Maupassant, a French writer and the master of revealing the truths in the relationships which are hard to accept in society even if they exist. He wrote around 300 stories and among them, we chose one of his dark tales named “An artifice” for our Purane Panne series where we adapt masterpiece stories of well-known authors from all over the world into the Indian context.

The friendly doctor is a story of betrayal, confusion, the dilemma in love, and a trickery. The story revolves around the confusion that Mrs. Uma, a newly married woman has about fidelity in marriage. When Mrs. Uma, encouraged by her psychiatrist Dr. Narendra, confronts her dilemma about fidelity in marriage, he tells her a story. The story of Mrs. Luthra who comes to him one night when he was in a sound sleep. But when he listens to her problem he goes to her house immediately to help her. Of course, to know what help the Doctor gave to Mrs. Luthra, you have to enjoy this thriller below.

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Watch this short film, presented by Ashima Pictures, which will leave you shocked.