Anton Chekhov, Guy de Maupassant, O. Henry, Kate Chopin, Franz Kafka, Robert Barr, Katherine Mansfield, M. R. James and so on and so on. The names themselves are enough to transport us into the world of life like characters and utterly relatable stories. And it is this very world Ashima Pictures is aiming to recreate through Purane Panne – a unique short-film series where old masterpiece stories of famous authors will be reimagined in an Indian setting.

Classic literature has something very eternal in it because of the simple yet deep manner in which the characters are portrayed. We wanted to cinematize this essence while also making the stories palatable to the Indian digital audience. And thus, the idea of Purane Panne was born.

As is unique to our style of filmmaking, our sprouting being rooted to the raw storytelling art form of theatre, the way we deal with characters and rehearsals throughout our pre-production and production process will be retained in these short-films as well.

Purane Panne is special to our hearts because in it breathes our vision of rich storytelling with a longer life span. It is a stepping stone in our journey towards creating lasting stories which people can come back to again and again, which enrich lives, provide wholesome entertainment and not just some temporary diversion to a bored person.

What’s more, we are soon going to release our first short film as part of this web series. So, subscribe to our channel and stay tuned. Follow us on social media for updates. By the way, here’s a teaser of Purane Panne just for you!