Ashima Pictures is glad to announce the release of “Ishq Ki Dava” – a light comedy short film based on a story by O. Henry.  Ishq Ki Dava marks the launch of Ashima Pictures’ Purane Panne short film series where classic stories by famous writers will be re-imagined in Indian settings.

When we set about discovering the first story for Purane Panne short film series, O. Henry had to be the obvious choice. His stories gave us the precious elements of classic humour, interesting characters and a twist right at the end! To this we carefully added our own spices such that the characters, the setting and the context were kept real but made more relatable for an Indian audience.

An interesting fit was found in a North Indian village setting as we started fleshing out the characters and their motives while still retaining the essence of O. Henry’s original ‘The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein’.  Thus Ikey became Akki, Rosy became Bela and Love-Philtre became Ishq Ki Dava – its Indian cinematic adaptation.

‘Ishq Ki Dava’ is now playing on Ashima Pictures’ YouTube channel, so go ahead, watch it and make sure to leave your comments. For more such short films and updates, please do subscribe and stay tuned!

Ishq Ki Dava is part of a larger series called “Purane Panne” where Ashima Pictures will be personally picking classic short stories of famous authors of yesteryears and adapting them into cinematic short-films set in and around Indian culture, characters and context. Stay tuned and support us in this independent endeavour by simply subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on our social media pages and leaving us your email id so we can send you updates of our upcoming next!