The world is full of creeps. However, there is no such thing as shameful and as sinful as sexually abusing a child. Child sex abuse is a rampant and mostly unreported crime that is being committed across the globe. The crime is rampant mostly because the child fails to or is afraid to report it and the perpetrator thinks that he/she can easily escape out of the predicament with no harm.

According to WHO, Child Sexual Abuse is defined as any sexual activity with a child that the child cannot fully comprehend or give an informed consent about. Furthermore, any activity of sexual nature that violates societal norms or for which the child is not developmentally prepared also come under this category.

The category of sexual abuse of children contains acts as cruel as rape and sodomy to acts as small as forced kissing and making the child expose their private parts with the wrong intention. Throughout the world, children are being targeted by people whom they trust to satisfy their lust and this is just shameful.

It is a usual evening at a house where Aditi, a small and innocent child, watches cartoon as her mom asks her to finish up her milk. Yes, you might think that is quite normal, but things take turn for the worse when she accidently changes the channel and switches to one showing a couple kissing. While her mom turns the TV off, a simple question asked by the innocent little Aditi leaves her dumbfounded. The story subtly tells that we are done keeping these things a secret and only by coming out in the open about these incidents can we expect to put an end to this heinous crime.

Watch this short film relating to child sex abuse and watch how an innocent question by a little girl child sends shockwaves down the spine of her mother. Enough Secrets will truly show you why it is time that we come out and stop keeping such things a secret.