When A Frustrated Software Engineer went up the terrace to get his leaves approved, when he fought with his unyielding manager to get a better promotion, when he confronted him to go onsite, we all joined him in pouring our hearts out. And we couldn’t have enough of it.

But now, we have something even better! We have an official line of t-shirts that give an expression to your life, as a software engineer – something to make Fridays more interesting you see! 😉

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the designs that are available for purchase here! And sure enough, there’s more coming soon.

I Am Just A Frustrated Software Engineer T-shirt

For Those Who Like To Speak The Unspoken


Onsite Ek Intezaar Hai T-shirt

The coder knows it. The project manager knows it. The group leader knows it.


Saturday Sunday Bhi Office Jana Hai T-shirt

Sometimes it is only the smart phone who shares the pain.

Do let us know how you like them! 😊